Original locomotive dashboard animated by PoKeys

The following description was provided by one of the PoKeys55 device users. PoKeys55 device has been upgraded and is available with all old and many

September 25, 2013 Examples, Projects

PoKeys56U Extension Library for Small Basic

PoKeys56U Extension Library for Small Basic Copyright © 2013 by Xavier Campdepadros Ortigosa PoKey56U and Small Basic To control the PoKeys56U by Small Basic

September 03, 2013 Examples, Projects

Xively + PoKeys56E tutorial

Introduction This tutorial will guide you through the process of configuring your PoKeys56E device for use with Xively web service. See the examples at the

July 08, 2013 Projects
PoExtBus with 2 devices

Using PoExtBus devices

Using PoExtBus devices PoExtBus bus on PoKeys device enables you to daisy-chain multiple output devices (e.g. PoExtBusRE or PoExtBusOC). In order to explain the usage

June 04, 2013 QA

How do I clear the ‘Locked’ status of PoKeys devices?

Locked status is there to protect the settings from being copied or view by the unauthorized person. To clear the ‘Locked’ status, only one options

December 05, 2012 QA

Using PoKeys device from VBA script

To use the PoKeys device from VBA script, open the VBA editor and add the reference to ‘PoKeys device communication DLL’. Then, use the PoKeysDevice_DLL.PoKeysDevice

November 28, 2012 Examples, Projects, QA

PoKeys56U: May I designate which keys are repeating and which are not?

Firstly, key repeating is handled by the system keyboard driver and can not be overriden by the device. However, PoKeys can simulate custom key repeat

November 08, 2012 QA

PoKeys56U: How many keys (of an emulated USB keyboard) can be activated simultaneously?

PoKeys56U supports up to 31 simultaneously activated keys. If there is a need for even more keys, triggered key mapping can be enabled for each

November 08, 2012 QA

Simple example on basic Pulse engine commands

The following C-code example uses libPoKeys library to read the encoder value and set the reference position for the internal position controller. // Read current

November 06, 2012 Examples

New cross-platform library for all PoKeys devices

About The new PoKeys library enables communication with PoKeys55, PoKeys56U and PoKeys56E devices. It features a new clean set of commands that allow fast adoption

October 24, 2012 Projects, QA
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